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A new kind of lifeline

We're a band of finance experts, tech specialists, and data nerds united by a common belief—that when life insurance is done right, the beneficiary is everyone.

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The result? Easier, more affordable coverage. A product that gets people covered faster without a medical exam. More money in your wallet when you and your family need it most.

Insurance built for you

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Data beats needles

Our algorithmic underwriting calculates risk without a medical exam in mere minutes, delivering an instant decision.

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Customers over commissions

Bestow is simple to use on your own. But if you prefer, give us a call. Our agents aren’t paid to push products—so no pressure.

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More money in your pocket

We cut waste and inefficiency out of the old insurance model. Which means you get premiere coverage without paying for it.

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A+ rated and backed by the best

Bestow is built to last. Our policies are supported by industry leaders who have protected millions of families for over 200 years.

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Good karma

As a Bestow member you can give back and help others in their time of need through the Bestow Foundation.

How Bestow works

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